US 50 Mariemont and Columbia Township, Hamilton County (2020)

Barrett Paving – Midwest Central

MWC Construction crews finished work on US 50 in Village of Mariemont and Columbia Township, in Hamilton County, Ohio. Mariemonte is a very historic and prestigious suburb of Cincinnati. The major challenge to this project was the high volume of traffic that passes  through the project each day. US 50 is a main artery from Cincinnati to the eastside of town that is lined with residences in this section of roadway. This forced all the work to be completed during the day to keep from conflicting with the residents’ sleep schedule. The four-mile-long project started in July of 2019 and was completed in early August 2020, 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

Work consisted of storm drainage conduit and structures, slope stabilization, roadway crown correction to improve pavement drainage, along with many handicap ramp replacements. The following crews were involved with the project:

Grading and storm and handicap ramps –Eric Siefker, Foreman; Matt Kilgore, Foreman; Darrin Conley, Milling Foreman; Mitch Miller, Paving Foreman