Pavement Preservation

Pavement Preservation is Crucial to the Future of America’s Roads

Since pavement preservation is an essential part of maintaining the value of a project while still being cost-efficient by identifying possible problems and taking necessary steps to avoid them, Barrett Industries has taken the lead in this industry. In order to provide appropriate and innovative solutions, we collaborate with cities, counties, DOTs, and private owners to develop innovative solutions designed to extend the life of existing pavement.

Pavement preservation as a sustainable and more cost-efficient solution

Instead of waiting until a road is no longer in working condition to re-pave or fix, pavement preservation focuses on extending the lifecycle of highways by treating road surfaces much sooner in the aging process. Becuase this process requires less resources and anticipates problems rather than waiting for them to happen, it improves roadway safety and saves tax dollars as highways consistently maintain their quality. This means that our pavement preservation services at Barrett Industries simultaneously protect the country’s natural resources by lowering our emissions, maintains cost-efficiency, and diminishes time and manpower wasted on paving entirely new roads.

Because only the worst road conditions receive attention, newer roads are ignored and ultimately suffer the same consequence, resulting in continued accidents, traffic, and rushed construction teams and resources to respond. With America’s highway system consisting of over four million miles of paved roads, it is essential to consider how to best preserve or reconstruct these roads in a timely and sustainable way. Supply chain issues and dimishing budgets coupled with increasing costs and limited manpower may make the responsability of seeing a project through to completion overwhelming to comprehend.

Barrett Industries’ goal is to lessen this burden by providing materials and service solutions for your construction needs, pavement preservation being just one option of how our community can keep moving and thriving.

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Pavement Preservation

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