Novachip Project on Drummond Island (2022)

Midland Asphalt Materials Inc. – Drummond Island, MI

Midland Asphalt was contacted early 2022 for a paver-placed, surface seal job on Drummond Island in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on State Route 134. Midland won the bid and began construction by early June 2022. Ryan McKerrow (Foreman) and his crew, with the assistance of Jon Brumbaugh (Assistant Superintendent), faced this undertaking for Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). Significant issues were faced throughout this project, including crossing the Mackinac Bridge with limited windows each day for oversized loads, getting equipment on a ferry to Drummond Island, and bringing an extra transport trailer for emulsion.

All materials (mix and emulsion) were transported by ferry. Thankfully, the ferry Captain prioritized Midland trucks, which kept the supply chain continuous. The ferry delivered two 50-ton trucks per trip, which dictated pace and workflow. An additional crew member was dedicated to emulsion supply to the paver and storage. Joe Spayer (Laborer) joined the team to assist Ryan’s crew in this role. With severe rutting (up to four inches), MDOT agreed to pay for extra tonnage and the rest of the job was completed successfully in June 2022.

The Midland crew did an outstanding job navigating many difficult challenges through professionalism and dedication to quality. This is just one example of the many jobs these crews do each season.