NYC–Runway 15-33 Reconstruction Phase III (2021)

Barrett Paving – New York Central

In September of 2020, the Barrett team started Griffiss 15-33 Runway Reconstruction Project in Rome, NY. The first week consisted of completing rubblizing the existing concrete runway, three days of around the clock milling of the rubblized concrete and installing 6” underdrain on both sides of the runway.

Once the milling was complete, one 3” lift of the asphalt base course was completed in 10 pulls per specifications of the specialized project scope. Upon base completion, many tons of T&L were needed throughout the runway prior to the surface course to create a uniform 2” for the final lift. The final surface course lift was completed in 10 pulls over 4.5 days. For this project, the Trimble GPS Machine Control System was utilized on the milling machine and paver to achieve a final, uniform grade throughout the project. The Barrett crew completed safely, on time, and on budget due to the help of everyone in the New York Central region.