Barrett Awarded the Colas USA “Golden Hammer”

Barrett Industries – Corporate

Barrett Industries proudly announces our great achievement – the Golden Hammer Award. This honor, recognizing the most 6S certifications across Colas USA subsidiaries, reflects our firm commitment to operational excellence through the 6S methodology.

Our journey to this peak of success is paved with the dedication and hard work of our field workers and operations teams across various facilities. The HMA facility in Reynoldsville and the NYC Regional Lab have both achieved Bronze certifications, setting high standards in their respective domains. A special commendation goes to our Concrete plant in Malone, the first Ready Mix facility in the U.S. to achieve a Bronze level, and our Aggregates facility in Watertown, the first U.S. Quarry to earn Bronze a couple of years ago and now, Silver.

Our Mid-Ohio region demonstrated exemplary performance with the aggregate’s facilities in West Carrolton, Ludlow, and Richmond, which achieved Bbronze. Notably, this region led the way with 3 certifications for the year.

In our shops, Muncy shined with a silver certification, while the Wetzel Rd Shop deserves a standing ovation for achieving Platinum, a first for Barrett Industries!

Our Liquid divisions in Hamilton and Clearfield have also made significant improvements with Silver certifications.

Each of these achievements is a testament to the passion and relentless pursuit of excellence by our teams. The hard work, innovative spirit, and commitment to safety and efficiency have propelled Barrett Industries to new heights.

Congratulations to all involved in obtaining these 6S achievements! Your efforts are the keystone to our current and future success.