An Olympic Town Receives a Makeover (2021)

Upstone Materials Inc. – Lake Placid, NY

Lake Placid, NY is home to Olympic sites including training centers, competition venues, and leisure winter activities for professional athletes and novices alike. ORDA (Olympic Regional Development Authority), in conjunction with several contractors, has updated the facilities for the upcoming 2023 Winter World University games. Completion of practice sites is important for athletes who will arrive during the winter of 2022 to train.

In the summer of 2021, Upstone Materials provided concrete for the Olympic ski jumps. The steep slopes were quite a challenge to grade and form for concrete placement. The project encompassed approximately six acres and included demolition of the existing features, installation of numerous retaining walls, deflection boards, stairs, and concrete surfaces for the new 90- and 120-meter ski jumps. Crews worked their way up the slopes, pumping concrete for placement. The new ski jump location now accommodates summertime training, as the jumps are built with water flow and a landing pool.

In the fall/winter of 2021, Upstone completed their portion of the project and worked closely with ORDA and LeChase Construction on pouring the new Speed Skating Oval located in downtown Lake Placid. The new glycol cooling system is more energy efficient, allowing ORDA to extend the outdoor skating season. Upstone provided a unique mix design encompassing white cement for strength, and a white color added for both appearance and to keep the surface cooler. The oval itself was placed in four sections using a pump truck for concrete from the Saranac Lake plant.