Our commitment to sustainability

It’s our social responsibility to preserve natural resources and protect the environment. That’s why we make use of new and emerging sustainable practices, and why we hold ourselves to strict environmental standards. Standards that are upheld by every Barrett facility and employee.

For over 160 years, we have provided our communities with high-quality, environmentally-conscious products and services. By adhering to a strict set of sustainability best practices, and by using energy and raw materials responsibly, Barrett Industries has drastically reduced its impact on the environment.

A big part of our success can be attributed to our reliance on Barrett employees for innovative ideas on improving our processes and finding energy-efficient solutions. Whether we’re recycling, reclaiming work sites, or consciously managing our energy consumption, sustainability is integrated into everything we do. Sustainability can always be improved upon, which is why, at Barrett, we will always be committed to evolving our processes in ways that benefit our communities and the environment.

Please contact us to learn more about what we’re doing to maintain sustainable practices at all of our facilities.


Our philosophy

Providing our customers with high-quality products and services while staying environmentally responsible takes integrity. From our corporate buildings to our production facilities, our operations all adhere to a high standard of environmental responsibility. We are always working to lessen our impact on the environment and our local communities.

To learn more about how Barrett Industries fulfills our commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability, contact our corporate office