Company Culture

We are safe. Safety is more than a word at Barrett. It’s a way of life. It’s a commitment to ourselves, our families, and our colleagues. And it’s something we take seriously throughout our organization. Our actions—as individuals and as a whole—have consequences. Which is why on the job, safety is always a critical part of the conversation.

We are supportive. At Barrett Industries, we’re a team.  We rely on each other’s ideas, insights, and integrity to provide the best work for our clients—work we can be proud of. Our relationships are built with trust and authenticity, which is what makes them so strong. Together, we’ve accomplished great things. Because when we work as a team, there’s nothing we can’t achieve.

We are responsible. From being environmentally conscious, to considering the impact of our decisions on the job, Barrett employees are accountable. We are the choices we make. So accomplishments are celebrated. Personal development is praised. And responsibility is revered.

We are family. It’s more than a job. We’re more than people chasing a paycheck. We celebrate our successes together. We know each other’s first names. We look out for one another. And we all share the same desire to be great. At Barrett, we’re a family—and we take care of our own.

We are Barrett Industries.

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