Safety Steering Team

Our Safety Steering Teams

At Barrett Industries, our safety culture is guided by our Safety Steering Teams (SST). Members include representatives from all levels of our company and from each of the nine regions in which we operate. Utilizing employee feedback from periodic surveys and interviews, the SST determines specific initiatives designed to engage every employee in incident prevention. The SST also uses this information to select small groups of motivated employees to serve on Continuous Improvement Teams (CITs).

Continuous Improvement Teams

Our Continuous Improvement Teams (CITs) consist of small groups of highly motivated safety leaders whose purpose is to create practical, measurable, and sustainable safety processes. Nominated by our Safety Steering Team, members are typically frontline production employees, such as laborers, operators, administrative staff, and foremen. Like our Safety Steering Team, our Continuous Improvement Teams include representatives from each of the regions in which Barrett operates.

A CIT’s work begins with a one-week Rapid Improvement Workshop (RIW). During this time, the team can either develop a new safety process or improve an existing one. Once they have finalized their safety process, the team then implements it across the entire company over the course of several months.

Our CITs have been extremely effective in furthering Barrett’s safety culture. Most recently, the hard work of our CITs has resulted in three corporate initiatives and multiple divisional highly successful safety processes. Some examples include: Daily Safety Huddles, Close-Call reporting, Mentoring programs for all new employees, Backing Safety, and more! These initiatives directly correlate with our leading indicators. We will continue to commission new teams each year, optimizing our safety culture one project at a time.