Safety Culture

Safety is our top principle

A priority can be re-prioritized. Principles never change. At Barrett Industries, safety has always been a core commitment. Our company-wide health policy is underscored by the five values we find crucial to promoting safety:

  • Leadership commitment
  • Employee involvement
  • Hazard recognition
  • Training
  • Work-site analysis/auditing

Accident prevention – an important part of our business principles – requires consistency, an educational approach, creativity and emulation. We strive to be an industry leader in this area.

Our Philosophy

Safety at work and on the road has always been one of Barrett Industries’ primary concerns: any business that cares about its human capital has a duty to actively look out for the physical safety of its employees. We therefore expend substantial effort to protect the health and safety of our people, and we ensure that awareness-raising activities also benefit employees’ loved ones and civil society as a whole.

Safety at work

Our “Goal Zero” Safety culture is centered around our commitment to zero injuries and zero incidents. Both the frequency and the severity of injuries is steadily diminishing, although significant improvements can and must be made upon current levels. This encouraging performance is down to the implementation of dedicated actions (job safety analysis, safety audits, site safety briefings, accident cause trees, inter-business safety challenges, dedicated prevention courses, etc.) and the dedication of over 300 prevention managers. Many of our employees across the Eastern seaboard are trained in first aid. This exceptionally high level of commitment meets three objectives:

  • The presence of a first aid officer at each work-site can limit the consequences of a workplace accident.
  • An employee trained in emergency response is better able to appropriate and spread a culture of prevention.
  • Since there are not enough people trained in first aid in society at large, Barrett Industries is helping to improve the situation by providing an additional contingent, whether in the more hazardous environment of public highways or in their personal and family lives.

Our philosophy and practices have been expanded to cover the entire spectrum of health and safety in the workplace, and encompass issues related to working conditions in general, addictions (alcohol, tobacco, drugs), and psycho-social risks (stress, etc.)