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Colas Safety Week 2015

June is recognized as National Safety Month and Monday, June 15th marks the beginning of the Colas Safety Week 2015. With that, everyone in every region of Barrett Industries embraces the Colas “GOAL ZERO” Campaign. Safety has always been one of Barrett’s and Colas’ major concerns: at work, on the road and at home.

This is a symbolic reminder of our commitment to Zero Injuries and Zero Incidents. There is no other core value or belief more important as the Goal Zero and the principle that all accidents are preventable with proper preparation, training and operational excellence. The Goal Zero safety culture centers upon every employee and your ability to STOP WORK operations if you believe there is a potentially unsafe condition that has not been addressed. We want to remind you that this is not only our policy: it is our requirement, without exception. Safety First!

Below is an excerpt from Colas’ website regarding Safety at Work:

Both the frequency and the severity of injuries is steadily diminishing, although significant improvements can and must be made upon current levels. This encouraging performance is down to the implementation of dedicated actions (safety audits, site safety briefings, accident cause trees, inter-business safety challenges, dedicated prevention courses, etc.) and the commitment of more than a thousand prevention managers.

Almost one-third of employees around the world (19,950 staff) are trained in first aid. This exceptionally high level of commitment meets three objectives:

The presence of a first aid officer at each worksite can limit the consequences of a workplace accident.

An employee trained in emergency response is better able to appropriate and spread a culture of prevention. Since there are not enough people trained in first aid in society at large, Colas is helping to improve the situation by providing an additional contingent, whether in the more hazardous environment of public highways or in their personal and family lives.

Our thinking and actions have been expanded to cover the entire spectrum of health and safety in the workplace, and thereby include issues related to working conditions in general, addictions (alcohol, tobacco, drugs), but also psychosocial risks (stress, etc.).

Have a safe and healthy week – let every day be a reminder to build and maintain the safety culture both at home and at work!

2013 Military Appreciation Month – Feature #5

May is Military Appreciation Month!

In honor of this, we are featuring employees from all subsidiaries of Barrett Industries who are or were active in the military! In addition, we will also feature employees who honor and give back to military families and organizations in their communities!

JustinPrattSPRING CREEK CORPORATION – The fifth (5th) and FINAL feature article for Military Appreciation Month comes from our concrete division in Ohio. Justin Pratt is a Ready-Mix Driver for Spring Creek Corporation. He is also a father of four and a husband and a veteran of the U.S. Army.

Following the tragic events that occurred on September 11th, 2001, many Americans felt the need to do something in honor of their country. That is why, in 2006, Justin enlisted in the U.S. Army at the age of 33. He knew that not only would he be helping his country, but also his family.

In May of 2006, Justin left his wife and four small children at home to begin basic training – in addition to advanced individual training – at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He was away from home for five months prior to being stationed in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

During his time at Fort Campbell, five soldiers were chosen to receive field medic training within his unit. Justin was one of the soldiers selected to receive this advanced training in order to assist with the injured while being deployed. A couple of months into the medic training, Justin injured his right knee. Shortly after this injury (approximately two months before he was scheduled to deploy) he injured his left knee.

It was at that time that he was given a medical discharge from the military. It was disheartening for Justin to not be able to follow through with his intentions to protect and fight for his country and family.

On behalf of Justin’s efforts – and the efforts of all others defending our nation including those that previously defended our nation – Barrett Industries would like to thank you ALL!  We are honored to be able to work with and next to such compassionate, self-sacrificing and brave individuals.

It has been a great pleasure to write and read these stories. They show the true spirit of courage and freedom. For every man and every woman now serving, planning to serve, and who has served in the past – we thank you and appreciate all you have done and will do!!

Happy Military Appreciation Month!

2013 Military Appreciation Month – Feature #4

May is Military Appreciation Month!

In honor of this, we are featuring employees from all subsidiaries of Barrett Industries who are or were active in the military! In addition, we will also feature employees who honor and give back to military families and organizations in their communities!

10thMtnDivLogoBARRETT PAVING MATERIALS, INC. – The New York North Region (NYN) of Barrett Paving Materials Inc., located in Watertown, NY, is our forth featured article where they are very active in the local military community of Fort Drum.

For the second year in a row, NYN has “adopted” a new platoon of 28 soldiers from Chinook Company through the Adopt a 10th Mountain (Mt.) Platoon Program. “The Adopt a 10th Mountain (Mt.) Platoon Program is how one community helps to reduce the adverse impacts of deployments on Soldiers and their families.” Since 1992, the program “has ensured that every platoon that deployed from Fort Drum had a sponsor (business, school, church group, civic organization, etc.).”

The NYN region of Barrett Paving sits directly inside of the military community of the 10th Mountain Division near Ft. Drum, NY.

This is a much bigger platoon than they had the pleasure to sponsor in 2012. This year, the NYN region adopted an Aviation Unit that is one unit out of eight that will serve in Afghanistan for the next 9 months. There are more than 900 soldiers in this deployment called TF Phoenix which have company names of Chinook, Blackhawk, Apache, Medevac, Escort and fuel Support. This platoon was deployed on May 5th, 2013 to the area called Shank (south of Kabul). Many of the other Companies will go to Eastern Afghanistan.

Out of the 28 soldiers in the platoon, 20 of them are married, some with children. It kind of puts a perspective on them when you meet them and interact via email and letters. These young men and women put their lives on the line for us every day and this is a great way to let them know we care and that we are proud of the work they do for us.

Barrett plans on sending out packages to the soldiers starting next month and would love it if anyone would like to personally send them items in our care package as well. Some items they like to receive are magazines such as Sports Illustrated & Mechanic Magazine. They love to receive cookies, candy, games (old or new), books, stationary items and pens…the list goes on and on.

If anyone is interested in helping to send packages or adding items to the packages, please contact Sue Ann Messick at the Barrett Paving – NYN Regional Office at or (315) 788-2037. Sue Ann has the names and interests of all the soldiers in the platoon.

Thank you to Sue Ann and everyone else from the New York North region for giving back to those who give so much more!

2013 Military Appreciation Month – Feature #3

May is Military Appreciation Month!

In honor of this, we are featuring employees from all subsidiaries of Barrett Industries who are or were active in the military! In addition, we will also feature employees who honor and give back to military families and organizations in their communities!

ClintChuayprasithBARRETT PAVING MATERIALS INC.Clint Chuayprasith, from subsidiary Barrett Paving Materials Inc., is our third featured employee for Military Appreciation Month! Clint is a Staff Accountant at the Barrett New York North office in Watertown, NY. He is also a US Army Veteran.

Originally from Southern California, Clint left college to join the US ARMY in 2003. Basic training took place in Fort Sill, OK where he specialized in field artillery. He moved to Fort Drum, NY in 2004 and in that same year, deployed to Iraq as Field Artillery/Infantry. In 2006, Clint was deployed again to Iraq for 15 months in an administrative position working in an operations center.

He ended his active duty service in 2008, despite still being categorized in an “Individual Ready Reserve Status” until 2011.

“I would say my time in the military was well spent. I learned a lot about myself and about others. I’ve faced many hardships and made many friends. I traveled around the world and experienced many things that most would never know. I earned the rank of Sergeant, and the responsibility with that has helped me become a better problem solver. I feel that I am more well-rounded and a better person for it. I continuously apply all the tools the military has given me in my daily life.”

Clint remained in the Fort Drum area after his release from the military and attended Jefferson Community College. After graduating JCC with a degree in Accounting, he was hired as an intern at Barrett Paving Materials in the summer of 2011. Clint has said that his “experience as an intern was successful” and in anticipation of the JDE implementation, he was hired full time as a Staff Accountant in 2012.

“Overall, my experience with Barrett Paving has been successful. I have had an integral part in the application of JDE and OnBase. In my travels and experiences, I’ve met a lot of great people and now have a greater understanding of the company as a whole. I look forward to the continued success of Barrett Paving Materials. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.”

Thank YOU Clint. For your service and your sacrifices

2013 Military Appreciation Month – Feature #2

May is Military Appreciation Month!

In honor of this, we are featuring employees from all subsidiaries of Barrett Industries who are or were active in the military! In addition, we will also feature employees who honor and give back to military families and organizations in their communities!

AlissaCzeiszpergerTERRY ASPHALT MATERIALS, INC. – Alissa Czeiszperger of Terry Asphalt Materials, Inc. is our second featured employee for Military Appreciation Month! Alissa is a QC/QA Laboratory Technician at the Terry Asphalt plant/terminal in Alma, MI. She is also a member of the National Guard.

This summer, and perhaps for many summers to come, we will miss the contribution of Alissa Czeiszperger for two weeks in July. It is with pleasure that we embrace the leave of absence because it is for a worthy and noble cause. Alissa is a member of the Michigan National Guard located at Camp Grayling. Camp Grayling is where most soldiers, platoons, and companies from Michigan and some neighboring states have started their tours for service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

SPC Czeiszperger joined the Army National Guard in October of 2010. She completed her Basic Combat Training in January of 2011 and her Advanced Individual Training was completed in April of 2011. She is currently stationed at Camp Grayling in the Joint Maneuver Training Center Unit. SPC Czeiszperger’s Military Occupational Specialty is 42A, Human Resource Specialist. As a 42A she is responsible for providing support that affects Soldiers’ overall welfare and well-being while assisting leaders with keeping Soldiers combat-ready and effective. In addition to being certified as a 42A, SPC Czeiszperger has completed the CSMS Basic Armorer Course, the Combat Lifesaver Course, and the level 1 Combative Basic Course. As part of the JMTC Unit at Camp Grayling, she has received 3 Army Certification of Achievement Awards for her outstanding performances.

Located in the Northern Central area of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, Camp Grayling is the largest National Guard training facility in the U.S. Camp Grayling facilities include Grayling Army Airfield (capable of handling aircrafts up to the size of a C-130), ranges for all manners of small arms, maneuver areas, as well as training sites for cargo/air drops, land navigation and urban assault facilities.  It was founded in 1913 on an initial grant of land from Grayling lumber baron Rasmus Hanson to the State of Michigan for military training, and now spans 147,000 acres in Crawford, Kalkaska and Otsego counties. Much of that acreage is accessible to the public for hunting, fishing, snowmobiling and other recreational uses when military training is not taking place.

Each year, Camp Grayling typically schedules training for over 10,000 military personnel from National Guard units in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio. Year round training is also conducted by the reserve components of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. Units of Canadian Armed Forces train year round at Camp Grayling along with visiting Armed Forces from Latvia, United Kingdom, Hungary and Serbia. The installation provides over 200 full-time jobs to local residents making Camp Grayling one of the largest employers in Crawford County. Camp activities generate over $20 million annually in local economic impact. The federal dollars that pay employee salaries are often used to pay local taxes and to support schools, hospitals, churches and local businesses – a partnership that has proven itself over generations.

Camp Grayling has over 600 soldiers in traditional Army National Guard units assigned at the Camp and boasts many national appearances. The five man color guard has appeared on national television with Anita Baker, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, and many others in the performance of our National Anthem. The unit has provided colors for four MLB All Star Games, seven World Series, Super Bowls XVI and XL and the 2004 and 2005 NBA Finals.

A central attraction of Camp Grayling is beautiful Lake Margrethe, named after the wife of Rasmus Hanson. A favorite fishing and recreation lake for soldiers in their off-duty hours, the lake sees much enjoyment by area residents and by campers in the state forest campground located at the lake’s northwest corner. Overall, Camp Grayling is a gem secluded within the center of the Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan. Its mission – for the last 100 years – has been to train soldiers for combat, but the camp and its natural environment have brought enjoyment to several generations of visitors, both military and civilian.

Thank you, Alissa, for your service and dedication!

[Thanks to the Camp Grayling historical society, top military dignitaries, Michigan elected officials, and the Northern Michigan community will join more than 4,000 active Michigan service members to celebrate the 100th anniversary of one of the premier military installations in the U.S. on July 20th 2013. A schedule of events can be found at The main event will include the Great Grayling Barbeque Showdown.  It will be a Michigan state BBQ championship officially sanctioned by both the Kansas City Barbeque Society and the Memphis Barbeque Network.  Donations and volunteers are both appreciated for all events and the public is welcome.]

2013 Military Appreciation Month – Feature #1

May is Military Appreciation Month!

In honor of this, we are featuring employees from all subsidiaries of Barrett Industries who are or were active in the military! In addition, we will also feature employees who honor and give back to military families and organizations in their communities!

AndrewMarquartMIDLAND ASPHALT MATERIALS INC. – Andrew Marquart, from subsidiary Midland Asphalt Materials Inc., is our first featured employee! Andrew is a mechanic at the Lyons, NY facility. He is also an active duty member of the National Guard.

During the ending weeks of October 2012, the natural disaster – better known as Hurricane Sandy – barreled through the US East Coast. Sandy left thousands homeless and numerous cities in a devastated state. As we watched the chaos unfold, some of those serving in the National Guard were placed in various states to aid in restoring the affected areas.

The National Guard is a vital source of supplying troops, gear and Humanity Assistance supplies when called upon. National Guards are deployed as needed by the Governor of their state or the President of the United States. Deployments are situational and guard members can elect to volunteer for active duty assignments with varying deployment times. Deployment locations can be anywhere the governing officials determine that the Guard is most needed. It was reported that 7,000 National Guard members were sent to supply aid. Andrew was sent to Staten Island, NY from October 26th to November 10th, to provide aid and take part in the effort to restore the state.

Andrew, a 2005 HS graduate from East Syracuse, first joined the Air force in 2006. The opportunity to travel, to mature and to make a better life for himself were some of the driving forces behind his decision to join. Family ties also contributed to his decision as his grandfather served in the military. While in the Air Force, Andrew went through six weeks of basic training at an Air Force base in Texas. From basic training, he went through additional training at various Air Force bases. During his active time in the Air Force he was stationed in Germany from 2007-2009 and New Mexico from 2009-2011. He spent 10 months in Afghanistan where he oversaw building projects ranging from schools, libraries, medical clinics and 75 miles of road construction (paving dirt roads).

During his time in Staten Island, Andrew handed out clothes and food, helped remove personal belongings from buildings and houses, provided aid at hospitals and worked with local law enforcement officials.

Andrew transferred to the National Guard in 2012 and was stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri from Jan 2013 to April 2013. There, he went through equipment operations training, building/repairing roads, using/repairing equipment, running equipment, observing and recognizing defects in roads to draining and ditching work. As of May 1st, 2013, he has returned to work at Midland Asphalt and is still active in the National Guard.

Thank you, Andrew, for your service and sacrifices!

Barrett Industries Acquires Limestone Quarry in Pennsylvania

IA CONSTRUCTION – IA Construction Corporation recently announced the acquisition of the Masharka Limestone Reserves on April 17, 2012. The new greenfield quarry strengthens the IA Franklin region aggregate supply capabilities and is strategically located in Clarion County, PA. The new permitted facility will be under development over the next few months as we prepare to ship aggregate products to the market in the third quarter of 2012.

A Father’s Legacy

IA CONSTRUCTION – Memories are the most precious of gifts given by our loved ones. For Mike Brown, son of a former IA employee, his father’s memory and legacy will last forever. Mike came to us on Facebook to share some pictures of the scale models he constructed of his father’s 1975 tri-axle IA truck. The images of this hand-built replica caught our attention immediately. The detail on the model is fantastic – even down to the tarp controls and dashboard. We asked Mike to share his story with us and he kindly did so.

actual truckMike’s father, George Calvin Brown, worked for IA Construction Corporation in the early 1970’s. George drove an old Ford tandem dump truck prior to receiving his “new” 1975 Ford or “TX23”. Mike remembers the day his father came home to show the family his new truck:

“He drove an older Ford tandem dump truck until 1974 or early 1975 when he came home and announced that he’d gotten a new truck. As a kid of 4 or 5 years I was fascinated by his job and big trucks. So, I couldn’t wait to see his new truck. We would spend many a Saturday…cleaning, polishing, and doing paint touch up over the years…”

Unfortunately, George passed away in 1984, the same year he planned to retire. Mike joined his uncle in gathering his father’s personal items from the truck. He hoped to be able to take the chrome horse hood ornament. At the age of 14, that was the last time Mike saw the truck. “I built the model from memory, and got a few details wrong. The current model is my 4th attempt at getting it right…”

In 2004, Mike was driving a tri-axle at the time on a route he had never traveled. While passing through a small Pennsylvania town called Paxinos, he noticed an orange Ford tri-axle sitting in a driveway. After stopping at the house and talking with the owner, Mike discovered it was in fact the very truck that his father drove – TX23! After 20 years, he had stumbled on a blast from his past. The current owner, Ambrose Leshock, had also worked for IA in the 70’s and remembered Mike’s father very well. He referred to the truck as the “horse truck”, remembering the chrome horse hood ornament that was once on the truck. The truck was in good shape for its age and Mike was even able to take it out for a drive.

“…It was a huge symbol to me growing up. It was not only a cool “Big Truck”, but it represented to me, a roof over my head, and food on the table. It’s a part of my Dad that’s still alive.”

Sometimes we learn the most interesting things from the most unexpected places. If you would like to see more photos of these models and others from Mike, go to the IA Construction Facebook page. And please don’t forget to “Like” us while you’re there!! A special thanks to Mike Brown for sharing his story with us.